A new classic of the Amazon. Raffles impresses with his enormous scholarship and lyrical language. What we thought we knew of the Amazon and the reasons for its devastation will forever be changed by this rapturous soliloquy on the region.


Roberta Delson, Choice

A marvelously challenging and well-written book that represents a major piece of path-breaking research.


Latin American Research Review

This book is a ‘must read’ for all those interested in environmental history, ideas of nature, and the poetics and politics of place making.


Luciana Martins, Society & Space

Hugh Raffles has produced that rare species of academic writing, the unclassifiable book. Part ethnography, part history, and part meditation on the relationships between people and nature in Brazil, In Amazonia offers moments of fresh insight that merit wide attention in anthropology and beyond.


Michael F. Brown, Tipití

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